Home Inspectors in Indianapolis - Guarantees and Warranties

Home inspection guarantees and warranties


MC2 Home Inspections in Indianapolis takes great pride in providing all of our clients a thorough, professional and completely unbiased home inspection service. This invaluable service will provide you with a snap shot in time of the true condition of the home as determined by a professional home inspector at the time of inspection. Nothing more and nothing less!

A home inspection by definition is not designed to be a warranty, guarantee, or cradle to grave insurance policy that nothing will ever break, fail, leak, or cease to function as originally intended. A home and all of the systems and components within are dynamic with a finite service life. Some systems and components will fail or need replacement at a predictable point in time, while other systems and components fail unpredictably and usually at the most inconvenient of times.

Having your home inspected prior to purchase by a certified, competent and knowledgeable home inspector will however reduce your risk of encountering significant and costly surprise repairs immediately after closing. The home inspection provides you with vital information about the condition of your future home with which you can make an educated purchase decision by;

1. Accepting its condition as is.

2. Negotiating needed repairs that were not disclosed by the current home owners.

3. Simply continuing your search for another home in better or more acceptable condition.

Choosing a professional and qualified home inspector to perform your home inspection is entirely based upon your personal risk tolerance.

Home warranties Indianapolis

To entice clients in their hiring decision, many home inspection companies offer warranty packages, guarantees, and other slick sales gimmicks. The warranties offered by some home inspection companies come in a variety of packages “allegedly” designed to protect your investment. Typically offered for free for the first 90 days after the home inspection, these warranties certainly “sound” enticing as they offer some semblance of “peace of mind” to the home buyer where budgets may be tight the first few months after a home purchase.

Unfortunately they are very limited in actual coverage time since they begin immediately after the home inspection, and not upon closing which can easily reduce your usable ownership time by 30 days or more, leaving owners scarcely enough time to comprehensively “use” their home and discover significant issues that may arise only through continued use.

The actual coverage is limited even further by the extensive terms and conditions written into these policies which typically preclude neglect, pre-existing conditions, acts of nature, and can require a deductible of $250.00 or more for each occurrence. These terms and conditions are often “loosely” interpreted by the provider or their hired contractors, allowing them quite a large amount of discretion in what they will and will not actually cover under the warranty policy. 

Additionally, you as the homeowner do not get to choose your contractor as they have been pre-selected for you. This agreement between the warranty provider and contractor is often negotiated at reduced service fees far below standard repair/replacement rates, practically assuring the standard of care and quality of the technician to also be reduced as a result.

MC2 Home Inspections warranty

But you say “the warranty is FREE!!!”

Well, like most things in life, nothing is actually free. Home inspection companies are able to offer these warranties to their clients at the simple cost of their client’s privacy. For your private contact information (name, phone, address, email, etc.), the warranty company pays the home inspector a financial “referral reward”. In exchange, the warranty company gets to pressure you into extended warranty packages for a fee, and sell your information to 3rd party marketers who also want to high-pressure sell you goods or services.

While “some” homeowners may benefit from these warranties, Angie’s List reports that home warranty companies lead the list of most complained about companies out of 500 different business categories. So why do home warranties remain a factor in purchase decisions? Because they do benefit a rather large segment of people beyond the warranty companies themselves. The folks who reap the most benefit of home warranties are those who offer them as marketing enticements. Recent news reports indicate that homes that come with warranties sell 11 days faster than those without. It is marketing that would logically entice home buyers, and why many home inspection companies openly embrace such marketing schemes.

For the reasons stated above, MC2 Home Inspections does not provide any “free” home warranties or participate in any gimmicky marketing schemes. Our home inspectors in Indianapolis strive to provide our clients with an unbiased, thorough and comprehensive home inspection while following a rigorous standards of practice. We are not a home warranty provider, we are home inspection professionals. We value our client’s privacy as much as our own, and despise high pressure sales tactics. 

If a warranty or guarantee is the most important hiring decision to inspect one of the most expensive purchases in your lifetime, then we are not the company for you, but we will offer you the following guarantees:


1. Choosing the right home inspector can be a daunting and difficult task. We understand this because different home inspectors have varying degrees of qualifications, competence, ethics (moral and professional), equipment, field experience, reporting methods, and yes, even different pricing. One thing for sure is that a home inspection requires work, a lot of work, and as in any industry, you get what you pay for. When you select us for your home inspection, you will get far more “value” for your money than with any other home inspection company.

2. We will use all of our experience, training, education, and most importantly, common sense to perform the best, most thorough home inspection we can without any consideration of whether or not the deal will go through.

3. We work exclusively for our clients’ best interests in:

A. Educating them in every aspect about the property they are considering buying.

B. Describing whether or not systems are installed and have been properly maintained.

C. Describing whether or not the systems are safe and functioning as intended.

D. Providing a thorough, professional narrative report which includes digital photos to fully document the entire condition of the home.

4. Most home inspectors market to Realtors for referrals. These home inspectors do not want to jeopardize their relationship with the Realtor for fear that they will no longer receive referrals. What that means to you is that if you select one of these inspectors, you may get much less than you bargained for.

Since 2007, our simple philosophy has been to place our clients first. We do not market to or solicit Realtors for our referrals. We market directly to the public as to avoid any perception whatsoever of a conflict of interest. What that means to you is that you will receive the home inspection you expect and deserve, completely free from any conflict of interest.

5. Many home inspectors will try and gloss over or sugarcoat their findings as to not ruffle the Realtors feathers during the transaction. By doing this, they are placing the Realtors interests above yours! Our promise to you is that we do not and will not sugarcoat any of our inspection findings. We will present to you the true and actual condition of the home as it sits on inspection day in a very straight forward, matter of fact way. Your satisfaction is our main concern, NOT the Realtors.

6. Many home inspectors perform multiple inspections in a day. What that means to you is that if you hire one of these inspectors you may not be getting the attention to detail you are paying for. Some home inspectors perform up to 4 home inspections a day! Now I ask you, just how thorough can those home inspectors be? Our home inspectors only perform one home inspection per day. That way, our entire day is devoted solely to you and the home you are considering purchasing. Our home inspections typically last 3-4 hours but if need be, will take longer as we are not in any hurry to get to our next appointment. We will never leave a home until we are comfortable in the fact that we have fully inspected everything that was visible and accessible to us.

7. The best warranty or guarantee any home inspector can offer their clients is a solid business insurance policy. Home inspectors who carry the proper insurance do not need to offer any ‘false sense of security’ gimmicks. Every one of our home inspections is backed by a $500,000 E&O (Errors and Omissions) insurance policy.

THIS is our guarantee to you.